Alexandra Snow – Desiderata

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Duration: 9:35s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Let’s talk about Desiderata. Desiderata is a poem from the 1920’s that spoke of things desired. Sort of a mantra for life and the things most wanted by people. Though the sentiment of this poem holds true for many people, it lacks something very specific that I know you desire. You desire me. You want so badly to kneel at my feet and serve me for the rest of your days. You desire down to your core the touch of my hand, both in pain and pleasure. Desiderata has spoken to many people over generations. Finding the desires of their hearts and laying them out in pretty stanzas. It does not speak to you though, my pet. Desiderata does not mention my name at all. But you know, in your heart, the thing you desire most is me.

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