Aestra Azure – Virgin SPH – I will NEVER fuck you

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Duration: 9:22s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I invite you over to my place to hang out. But, I actually have an ulterior motive. I heard from your friends that you’re still a virgin. You’re super attractive and I know you think I’m hot, so why don’t we change that? I undress and excitedly ask you to take our your cock. But, sadly for you, you have the TINIEST little cock I’ve ever seen. I laugh in shock and begin to explain to you how there is no way we can have sex now. This descends into me humiliating you, asking degrading questions about your tiny package before eventually snapping a photo to show all your mates to make sure everyone knows what a tiny dicked beta, sexless loser you are. Now get lost so I can call a real man over to fuck me!

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