Aestra Azure – Goth Classmate Sockjob POV

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Duration: 20:50s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: FOOTJOBS

This video is a Custom Order. The storyline of this video was written by the client. In this POV video, you are my classmate and we are hanging out in my bedroom, studying together. We are working on a project and I’m really struggling with it. Meanwhile, you’ve already finished yours! While I work, I notice you’re staring at my cute feet in my mismatching socks. That’s when I get the idea to bribe you into helping me with my project with the promise of sniffing my feet! As you sniff my feet, it excites you and makes you want to go further. To my surprise, you have more requests for me. I become annoyed and angry, you agreed to help me after just sniffing my feet! However, I reluctantly comply with your increasingly naughty requests as I desperately need your help with the work, or else I’ll fail my class. You eventually have me stripped naked, my body oiled and then request a footjob. I comply and give a reluctant handjob to warm you up then a sock job, first facing you. Then I turn around, remove one sock so I give you one bare foot and give a reverse sock job to encourage you to finish quicker. You blow a huge load and shoot your cum onto my pussy and all over my foot, I knew it was coming but I’m so grossed out! The video ends with me rushing off to get cleaned up. We had better ace this class! This is a heavily dialogue-based, POV Roleplay video.

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