Aestra Azure – Goddess Spit Fetish

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Duration: 27:8s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Lose yourself in 27 minutes of erotic and sensual spit focussed visuals. This video begins with a solo shot of Goddess. She starts by applying her red lipstick. She then delicately begins to slide her fingers in and out of her mouth, running them over her tongue. She spits and drools, tracing the liquid all across her lips. The video then shifts to a close up shot of this same scene. Goddess continues to show you her spit, while this time introducing a dildo to suck on and use to coax more drool from her mouth. The scene changes to a B/G scene. Goddess has her sub laying patiently with a blindfold on and their mouth open, tongue out waiting patiently. She continues to produce spit and drool, this time to feed into her sub’s mouth. She tangles in some sensual kisses, and intermingling of tongues during this. The video also moves to a closer up view of this same scene. To finish, Goddess decides to mount her sub’s face as it is so perfectly lubed up with spit. She rides their face first facing the camera and then turns away, showing off her perfect ass as she smothers their willing and eager face.

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