AdoraLotus – Slutty Slave Girl Dances for Her Master

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The sexy slave girl has been commanded to dance by her Master. He has guests in his home, and he wants to make the best impression possible. She is his head girl, and the slave who taught all the other slaves in his harem how to dance, but she knows that if she fails to please her Master, he will punish her severely. She also knows that if she puts on a particularly good show, Master will probably reward her by allowing her to be used all night long by his guests, men and women alike. Master has not allowed her to cum for a week in anticipation of tonight, so she is very motivated to do well. The slave girl is nude and shaved, as she always is, but since tonight is a special night, she has also applied a sheen of oil to her perfectly toned body, and nipple clamps with a chain between them. She wears nothing else except a metal collar around the neck, metal shackles on the ankles, and metal cuffs on the wrists. Because she will be dancing, there is no chain between the ankles, but the wrists are connected by a medium length chain. Her hair is up, because Master enjoys seeing the back of her neck. Master has a particular dislike of pole dancing styles and twerking. He has always commanded her to dance “like a slave, not like a stripper.” It’s not always easy to figure out exactly what Master means by this, but tonight it’s probably not hard. Her task is to dance to show off every inch of his slave’s body, and show how wet and desperate she is to suck every cock in the world, and be fucked like the slutty slave Master knows her to be. She must move sensually and provocatively, showing off how energetic and supple she is. She must stretch and bend to show how flexible she is, and to let them imagine all the ways she can be restrained. She must seduce every free man and woman in the room so that they all want to strap her down and fuck her hard. She must seduce every slave in the room, so they dream of being ordered to pleasure her. Master knows she will not disappoint him.

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