AdoraLotus – Forest Nymph Squirts Healing Potion

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Duration: 15:53s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You are in need of healing and have heard legend of a particular forest nymph’s healing potions. She agrees to meet you and asks details of what needs healing. She wants to create her most powerful potion for you, but she will need your help. The potion she has in mind for you is created within her beautiful, young, fertile body, and needs to be infused with as much of your human sexual desire as possible. You agree to help her and follow along as she guides you slowly and gracefully into an orgasmic trance. Once you have harnessed enough sexual desire and reach your orgasm, her healing potion is released in abundance. She hands you what was collected in her cup and you d rink every last drop. How did the forest nymph’s healing potion make you feel?

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