Aderes Quin – Teach Loves Feet

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You’re waiting for one of your students to arrive to your office so you can discuss her inappropriate behavior. Recently she has been sitting with her heel pressed against her crotch in class, and rubbing against it ever so slightly. Normally this wouldn’t even be an issue. The students are supposed to wear shoes and socks as part of the uniform, but her parents wrote the school she needs to wear flips flops because some foot doctor recommended them. Personally, you think she is just one of those girls who always wants to be the exception, but her parents are huge donors so she gets what she wants. This has made your job extremely hard. Not that you would admit it, but her feet are gorgeous. Every time she walks into class and you hear those sandals slap her soles as she enters you have to say the pledge of allegiance to battle against your half hard cock. No one at the school knows about your foot fetish, and you don’t think it would be a good idea to admit you get hard for your student’s sexy little feet, even if she is 18. It’s her last year and she will be gone in a couple months, and your cock will finally be able to rest easy. These months are tørture though, especially recently. Her toes are always wiggling on her inner thighs as her heel presses under her skirt. You’ve never seen anything like it honestly, and if she wasn’t your student, you would probably suck her heel clean after it was pressed against her pussy. You are sure she would taste delicious. You are constantly fighting these thoughts when she is sitting in front of you in class. You always try to look somewhere else, pretend it’s not happening as she rocks back and forth on her own pretty little foot. Sometimes you wonder if other students notice. You doubt it. If they do, no one cares or says anything. It’s impossible to keep your cock down when she starts rocking. You’ve introduced a 15 minute free-read at the beginning of class just so you can compose yourself. That’s a lie. You made the 15 min reading time so you could watch her rock uninterrupted. You would wait until that little shiver ran down her body. You would watch and wait for her to cum on her foot. Then you would excuse everyone for a bathroom break so you could use the teacher’s bathroom to cum quickly thinking about her pussy on her feet. That’s the truth. It’s the only way you can keep yourself from getting hard in the middle of class. You finally had the courage to admit it to yourself in the last week. It needs to stop. Your attraction is escalating and you are doing things that are inappropriate on the job. She doesn’t even know the effect she is having. You have to address this like the authority. She can’t be sitting like that in class. You have to put a stop to it. You hear her sandals coming down the hallway to your office and your cock does too. Already semi hard, expecting the beautiful vision of her pedicured toes with toe rings and anklets. She walks in and slides her sandals off. When she sits, she sits with her heel against her crotch. You can see her underwear. You don’t stand up because if you do, you’ll give yourself away. Being alone with her has your cock throbbing. Secretly you wish she would grind right now.

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