Aderes Quin – Nylon Homewrecker

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Duration: 8:42s
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

You’ve known your neighbor, Aderes Quin, for years, but you’ve always been just friends. Even though you would love to be more, she has never shown interest, until you got a girlfriend. All of the sudden, she is always showing up at your house half dressed, or asking you for a ride in a skimpy outfit, or calling you to come watch a movie on Friday nights. If you knew you would get this much attention as soon as you were taken, you would have found a girlfriend sooner. You actually enjoy when she throws herself at you, knowing you now hold the power and could deny her if she ever tried to get too physical…something the has been doing to you for years. One day after giving her a ride home, she finally brings up your girlfriend. You suspected it was coming, but you didn’t expect her to be so bold. She doesn’t even invite you inside, she just starts teasing you right there in the car – moving her hips, massaging her breasts, licking her lips. She has a pair of white stockings on and puts her nylon soles right in front of your face, begging you to cum for them as she trash talks your girlfriend and encourages you to cheat. When she pulls out her tits and starts fingering herself, it’s too much, and you have to give in and stroke for her.

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