Aderes Quin – Give Me That BBC

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One of the cheerleaders, Aderes Quin, asks if she can keep her bag in your car until after cheer practice. You think the request is kind of odd, and at first you don’t want to say yes. She has been acting very funny around you lately – giggling a lot, bending over in front of you, always looking at you – so you suspect she has some ulterior motives for wanting to go to your car. She insists she just needs a safe place to put her bag since they are cleaning the locker rooms today. She looks at you begging, and says practice is going to start soon and she really needs a place to put her stuff. You feel the pressure as she looks up into your eyes, and you eventually agree. You can unlock it from a distance so you won’t even have to give her the key, and you decide you’ll watch from the other side of the parking lot just to make sure. She seems relieved, and heads over to your car, her skirt bouncing, showing off her legs. You see her open the back door to your car, and get in, a minute passes, then she closes the car door, still inside the back seat. What is she doing? You start walking over quickly, annoyed that she is taking advantage of your generosity. You get to the car and yank open the door. You are surprised to see her siting, legs spread, with a long black dildo in her hand. She tells you she has wanted your big black cock for so long, and she begins sucking on the dildo right in front of you, getting it sloppy and wet before you fucks herself with it, begging for your cock and cum the whole time.

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