Aderes Quin – Foot Gagging for Teacher

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Duration: 9:16s
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You have a meeting with a student today and you are a bit nervous. She is a great student, not a problem in class at all….just….a problem for you sometimes….especially when she is bending over or “stretching” in her short skirt and thigh high nylons. She asked for a meeting today and you aren’t sure you will be able to hide your hard on if she is wearing one of her usual tiny outfits. You decide to go to the staff restroom and try to rub one out before she arrives. Unfortunately, you are interrupted when a colleague begins banging on the bathroom door, making it impossible to cum. You check the time and realize you are already late for your meeting. You tuck your dick away and rush to your office with your balls aching. But when you arrive you can’t believe your eyes. There she is, in the shortest skirt and shirt yet. The shirt is see through and you can clearly see the outline of her nipples. But what really gets you, what makes your cock start to throb and drip with precum, is the thing high nylons she has on. The nylons are always what get you. She is the only student who wears them and it drives you absolutely wild thinking about what her feet must look like inside her nylons. You’d love to have those feet gripping your cock while sucking and massaging her gorgeous tits. Your cock is so hard there is no way she can’t see it. You can barely even speak…and thankfully she breaks the silence as she starts to play with her tits right in from of you….

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