77 Edges Punishment p2 No “Nut” Nov 9 1080p – Fulloffantasies

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Duration: 51:17
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

The punishment continues! I’m super sensitive, so I have just a few of the remaining edges playing over my panties… my little clit’s getting sore, but I can’t stop edging. I use my cute shirt to muffle my moans (screams?), I may or may not mess up counting. And there’s even more of my pretty, wet, dripping pussy convulsing, squirting, gushing, leaking while I try desperately not to cum and grind out the last 35 edges to complete this punishment. I’m dressed in pastels and get a bit littlespacey and pathetic in this video. No Nut November is starting to get to me lol.

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